Within the academy of WDA we train various canine disciplines. Dogs can be supplied as puppies from our high drive workline breeding pairs of various breeds mainly Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Doberman and Labradors. We can also supply green dogs who would be of various ages who would have only received fundamental training and lots of socializing and environmental training. All our dogs are well balanced, very social with other dogs and humans and above all with a very high ball drive. Dogs being trained for searching of human scent are trained with an active indication, whereas our detection dogs are all trained with a passive indication mainly a sit or a passive stare depending on our clients demands. All our detection dogs are initially fully trained on kong. Some clients prefer to be supplied with canines trained to search for kong only, and than clients will imprint the required scent themselves. However we do supply fully trained dogs who are able to detect various scents such as narcotics, explosives, firearms and also cash. We also train bitework for protection dogs which can also be supplied dual role such as protection and scentwork, discipline of which type, will be as requested by the client.
The dogs receive intensive training within our facility and also on the field to search in airports, aircrafts, sea vessels, any kind of vehicles, people, storage facilities, containers and any other location they might be deployed to work in the future.
The academy also trains service dogs some of which would be from our own bloodline and born here within our facility or on occasions clients supply from their side their own puppy or dog which is than specially trained for various disciplines within service dog work.
The latest add on to our list of services is the introduction of our own agility track which is not situated within the same area but it is only 15 minutes away from our facility. Apart from our intention to start doing for the first time in Malta agility competitions we also teach our clients the sport of agility to their canines.  Our agility field is also used by our working dogs for various type of field training they might require. Our agilty track is situated adjacent to the largest local firing range. We use the firing range to train our protection dogs which will in the future be working next to live firearms, therefore our canines are given the first hand experience of being able to work in close proximity where firearms are being used.
Obedience training is also carried out prior to handing over of canines to the client. We also have a numerous amount of pet owners who bring their puppies and also adult dogs to us for advanced obedience training plus also many use our services for any type of behavior correction their canine might have.

Puppy and older dogs training classes

Apart from training all our dogs within the WDA kennels, we also offer the service to other customers, mainly domestic dog owners, who would be interested to attend any of our puppy training programs both on a one to one basis or within a preset class schedule. We can offer individually set programs to reflect on the needs and behaviour of your dog. Classes or individual training can be set as to our clients needs at any time of day and irrespective of any weather conditions, since we carry out most of this work in our in-house indoor training area.