At WDA we breed inhouse at our facility Dutch Shepherds. Our Dutch Shepeherds are very high drive sought after canines, who mainly finally are deployed within military organizations and police forces mainly for protection work and also detection work. All our dogs are scored for hip and elbow dysplasia. We take pride to only supply the best top quality dogs to our customers needs. You can view our breeding canines pedigrees on the world renewed website for working dogs on   https://www.working-dog.com/breedstation/WDA-1113

We can supply puppies once they are 8 weeks old and also canines of different ages and training level as requested by the client for both search or detection, service dogs and also protection. Some of our puppies also go to specially selected home customers as pets.


We pride ourselves to have you visit us to view all our Canine breeding pairs and puppies and also our state of the art facility and training programs. Call us for an appointment. We are able to receive any guests to our facility 7 days a week from 8.00 hours till 18.00 hours.