We take pride to breed the best dogs suitable for any type of canine work activity. Our bloodlines provide us with very high drive dogs, most suitable for the work each canine will be finally be deployed to perform. Main characteristics being high drive, good prey drive, and also good possession, plus that we work on them to have an adequately good food drive which will be needed for initial basic training commands.

However, when it comes to our detection dogs we strive from young age for all our puppies and dogs to have a very good play drive. We work solely with Kongs, being that all our detection dogs are initially trained to search and find whole Kongs at start and finally to small fragments of this great training tool toy. We believe that detection dogs should be fully trained in all environments being in buildings, vehicles and also on persons, to find the Kong odour and give an indication as requested by our clients. Some clients prefer a sit indication, whilst other clients request the canine to give a passive stare command.  This will also depend as to what type of detection works the canine will be finally be working on. Our advantage of supplying our green dogs or partially trained dogs as fully trained on Kong odor is that any of our dogs can then be imprinted to whatever scent clients needs the canine to work in.

With regards to detection we have up to now trained and successfully supplied dogs to work in the following work disciplines:

  • Narcotics Detection

  • Explosives Detection.

  • Firearms Detection.

  • Cash Detection.

  • Accelerant Detection.

  • Cadaver Dogs

  • Search Dogs (Human Scent)

  • Diabetic Alert ( Service Dogs)


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