We take pride to breed the best dogs suitable for any type of canine work activity. Our bloodlines provide us with very high drive dogs, most suitable for the work each canine will be finally be deployed to perform. Main characteristics being high drive, good prey drive, and also good possession, plus that we work on them to have an adequately good food drive which will be needed for initial basic training commands.

Once our dogs are selected for protection work, they start on basic bite work training. Many of our protection dogs finally become dual dogs as apart from being trained in protection some of them also do detection work as per client’s needs.

Some clients require protection to go to another level, where canines apart from receiving bite work training, we also train them in tactical off leash maneuvers, meant solely for the full protection of their future handlers. At first this is done in our indoors training area, where the dogs apart from doing tactical training, also get a first hand experience in working with firearms. We solely use rubber training firearms at our training centre, but once canines progress, they are than taken to a fully licensed firing range where they will first of all experience to be comfortable and be able to work with live firing taking place at their close proximity and to further progress in doing tactical work together with their handler whilst firearms are being used. The level of this training depends solely on the final needs of our clients related to where the future working canine will be deployed.

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