Within the Soteria Facility WDA has a number of classrooms all fully equipped with audio visual equipment for any type of classroom-based training programs. Our facility is strategically based 2 minutes from the airport, perfect for carrying out canine training programs for airport detection dogs being that classroom theory sessions can be mixed at short distance to real on-site training scenarios within an airport environment.

Being set up in Malta is a great advantage as our canines can be trained in various environmental locations situated all short distance from our facility, being an airport, sea port, container cargo facility, large car parks, warehousing areas and many other industrial facilities where our dogs might be working in the future once handed over to our clients.

Nevertheless, our in-house facility still offers at first hand various training scenarios both indoors and outdoors to facilitate realistic environmental training of various future working environments for our canines in training. Within the indoor area we have specially set up rigs to simulate areas to be encountered by future search dogs such as being winched from a helicopter to being abseiled to search in difficult terrains and confined space areas. We also have a mock-up rig specially set up as a commercial aircraft with aircraft seats so that our dogs get a firsthand training in searching within an aircraft, prior to than being trained on a real aircraft.