We take pride to breed the best dogs suitable for any type of canine work activity. Our bloodlines provide us with very high drive dogs, most suitable for the work each canine will be finally be deployed to perform. Main characteristics being high drive, good prey drive, and also good possession, plus that we work on them to have an adequately good food drive which will be needed for initial basic training commands.

However, when it comes to our search dogs we strive from young age for all our puppies and dogs to have a very good play drive. Searching for human odor is what finally our search dogs will be doing, therefore socializing for these type of dogs is taken to another level. All our search dogs in training must be very well behaved with people and also other dogs but still be of the high drive necessity to search and work for their reward.

Environmental training here is different from that of our other detection dogs since most likely many of these dogs will be working on rubble and semi collapsed buildings and or countryside or open spaces. Our dogs are trained form a young age to working at heights and also to be comfortable to be lowered via a dog harness either secured to a rescuer or on their own. We can do all this in our state of the art facility and all indoors where we have a climbing wall which fits the purpose well for abseiling and or ascending with our dogs and also an aerial ropeway between two points. We also simulate via an indoor overhead crane the dogs being lowered from a helicopter.

Dogs are also taken to outside training areas to gain experience and confidence in working in unstable and tight confined spaces. Training programs are set to our client’s needs.

We train and supply various types of search dogs mainly to do rubble search, tracking and we also train and supply Cadaver Dogs. For the cadaver dogs we usually use a sit indication and for the others we use a bark indication.