When it comes to obedience, we take this to another level.  All puppies from our litters, first and foremost receive from week 8 onwards the basic obedience commands. All litters are taken into an intensive program of socializing and most of all intensive environmental training, irrespective of where and what they will be finally be deployed. Being that our facility is based in Malta, this gives us a leading edge as every location, being airport, seaport, industrial areas, shopping areas etc, are all within close vicinity therefore on a daily basis our dogs are taken to all different types of locations to help them have, the utmost as to environmental training.

Thus, all our dogs sold to our customers from puppies to green dogs, already have the basic fundamental training with regards to socializing with other animals and humans and also environmental training.

Puppies which are not sold at young age to customers who decide to do all the work from their side, are than trained to further obedience levels which will depend as to what canine work they will be finally be doing once deployed. This will first and foremost include further obedience training but also can include fundamental detection or search training. Browse on our Detection and Search pages for further details. Also browse our obedience videos under gallery.

Puppy and older dogs training classes.

Apart from training all our dogs within the WDA kennels, we also offer the service to other customers, mainly domestic dog owners, who would be interested to attend any of our puppy training programs both on a one to one basis or within a pre set class schedule. We rarely carry out obedience classes as we truly believe that the best way to teach your dog is on a one to one basis. Apart from teaching your dog, the most important aspect is to teach the skills needed to pet owners so they can than train their dog to a higher level themselves. We can offer individually set programs to reflect on the needs and behavior of your dog. One to one training can be set as to our clients needs at any time of day and irrespective of any weather conditions, since we carry out most of this work in our inhouse indoor training area.