We take pride to breed the best dogs suitable for any type of canine work activity.

When it comes to service dogs we usually first try to use from our own supply, however we can even train and supply dogs coming from other breeders as long as they meet the basic criteria required for them to become service dogs.  On some occasions we have dog owners who would want to train a puppy which they would have purchased from other sources, however in this case for the pup to be eligible for the work requirement the dog will need to be tested and we will see if the canine has the required qualities to fulfil the work.

A service dog is a canine that MUST be trained to do specific tasks related to the work he needs to do to his human team member.  The canine will still receive high level obedience training and extensive environmental training apart from a lot of socialization.

We are able to supply fully trained service dogs such as medical assistance dogs for example diabetic alert canine and also seizure assistance canine. Other types include mobility assist canines and also Autism assist service dogs.

Although we train and sell service dogs, we are proud to say that we have also supplied service dogs free of charge as part of our community work commitment.

Once fully trained our service dogs are registered on various worldwide databases so they can have access in any part of the world being in travel via road, rail , air and sea and also in every other type of establishment or public places.

Apart from service dogs we can also supply ESA which is an Emotional Support Animal, however the rights of an ESA canine is different from that of a Service Dog.